Web5 Native Token & Wallet Project web5, web5 token, web5 crypto, web5 wallet, web5 ico, web5 ipo

Web5 Native Crypto Token & Wallet

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web5, web5 token, web5 crypto, web5 wallet, web5 ico, web5 ipo

This is Web5. Take Control of your assets. Fully Decentralized Wallet & Native Token. Power Over Your Data Stop letting large companies control your data. You have FULL rights and ownership to your assets on the Web5 blockchain, Take complete control over your assets. Self-owned identifiers The fastest way to authenticate online. Users will have the ability of authenticating and routing their Web5 assets via a Web5:// identifier within the web5 infrastructure. Progressive Web Apps Create self web apps to maximize your presence. PWAs are already here, but within Web5 apps will have the ability to authenticate and relay messages based on the Self-owned indentifier. Meet our supporters So whats Web5 all abo

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Web5 Native Token & Wallet Project
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